The Central Archive of IPP

The Central Archive is documenting the institutional and scientific history of IPP

The Central Archive is kept in the administration at the Garching site. It is divided by content and location between the archive of the science administration (building H1) and the archive of scientists' bequests and scientific publications (building D2).

The archive of the science administration is organised in 7 main categories:

  • Committees
  • Legal matters, patents and licences
  • Research work
  • Cooperations
  • External relations
  • Scientific and technical infrastructure
  • Administration

The files and records are largely indexed with databases.

Archiving is confined to keep the most important files and documents that are of importance to the identity and work of the institute; other documentation, e.g. older material bequested by scientists, is transferred to the archive of the Max Planck Society.

The Central Archive is accessible for the business of IPP personnel.

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