Publications of T. Fauster

Journal Article (27)

Journal Article
Nolting, W.; Borgiel, W.; Dose, V.; Fauster, T.: Finite-Temperature Ferromagnetism of Nickel. Physical Review. B 40, 7, pp. 5015 - 5027 (1989)
Journal Article
Fauster, T.: Surface Geometry Determination by Large-Angle Ion Scattering. Vacuum 38, 2, pp. 129 - 142 (1988)
Journal Article
Fauster, T.; Hartwig, D.; Duerr, H.: The Determination of Shadowing Critical Angles in Impact Collision Ion Scattering Spectroscopy. Applied Physics A A45, 1, pp. 63 - 67 (1988)
Journal Article
Fauster, T.; Schneider, R.; Duerr, H.; Engelmann, G.; Taglauer, E.: Thermally Induced Disorder on a Cu(110) Surface Studied by Low-Energy Ion Scattering and Inverse Photoemission. Surface Science 189/190, pp. 610 - 619 (1987)
Journal Article
Dose, V.; Fauster, T.; Schneider, R.: Improved Resolution in VUV Isochromat Spectroscopy. Applied Physics. A 40, p. 203 (1986)
Journal Article
Fauster, T.; Duerr, H.; Hartwig, D.: Determination of the Geometry of Sulphur on Nickel Surfaces by Low-Energy Ion Scattering. Surface Science 178, pp. 657 - 666 (1986)
Journal Article
Jacob, W.; Dose, V.; Kolac, U.; Fauster, T.; Goldmann, A.: Bulk, Surface and Thermal Effects in Inverse Photoemission Spectra from Cu(100), Cu(110) and Cu(111). Zeitschrift fuer Physik. B 63, p. 459 (1986)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Fauster, T.: Surface morphology on a nanometer scale studied by two-photon photoelectron spectroscopy. In: Proceedings of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), Vol. 2547 (Eds. Hicks, J.; Ho, W.; Dai, H.) (1995)
Book Chapter
Fauster, T.; Halevi, P.; Steinmann, W.: Two-Photon Photoemission Spectroscopy of Image States. In: Photonic Probes of Surfaces, pp. 350 - 411. Elsevier (1995)
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