Publications of C. Watts

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Watts, C.; Hartfuss, H. J.; Häse, M.: Comparison of different methods of electron cyclotron emission-correlation radiometry for the measurement of temperature fluctuations in the plasma core. Review of Scientific Instruments 75, pp. 3177 - 3184 (2004)
Journal Article
Hartfuss, H. J.; Häse, M.; Watts, C.; Hirsch, M.; Geist, T.; W7-AS Team: Temperature fluctuation measurements with ECE on W7-AS. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 38 (12A Sp. Iss. SI), pp. A227 - A236 (1996)
Journal Article
Gentle, K. W.; Cima, G.; Gasquet, H.; Hallock, G. A.; Phillips, P. E.; Rowan, W. L.; Watts, C.; Gehre, O.; ASDEX Upgrade Team: Characteristics of equilibrium and perturbed transport coefficients in tokamaks. Physica Scripta 52 (4), pp. 411 - 416 (1995)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Haese, M.; Donne, T.; Hartfuss, H. J.; Verhoeven, T.; Watts, C.: ECE Fluctuation Measurements on the W7-AS Stellarator. In: Proceedings of the Tenth Joint Workshop on Electron Cyclotron Emmission and Electron Cyclotron Heating, pp. 131 - 137. 10th Joint Workshop on Electron Cyclotron Emission and Electron Cyclotron Heating (EC-10), Ameland (NL), April 06, 1997 - April 11, 1997. World Scientific Publ., Singapore (1997)
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