Fusion scientists from all of Europe can use ASDEX Upgrade for their experiments.

In the experimental campaign 2019 ASDEX Upgrade carried out about 1300 plasma discharges. About half of the experimentation time was used by IPP for its own research activities. Five project groups are concerned with:

  • Improvement of H mode and integrated scenarios
  • Pedestal and divertor physics
  • Turbulence
  • MHD instabilities and their active control
  • Transport

The other half of the plasma discharges have been directly available to the European Fusion Programme, a consortium of national fusion laboratories, and further visiting scientists. More than 200 visiting researchers temporarily are conducting experiments on the device. The joint research planning of the consortium expects essential contributions on the way to a fusion power plant from the work on ASDEX Upgrade: The device is a flexible, medium-size appendage to the JET large-scale device and can, unlike all the other tokamaks in Europe, offer a completely metal-clad vessel wall.

In the framework of the joint research planning, ASDEX Upgrade is at the centre of the Medium-Size Tokamak (MST) work package. A large number of experimentation proposals from IPP and the whole of Europe is to be integrated in the work programme of ASDEX Upgrade. The research with ASDEX Upgrade involves the following divisions of IPP:


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