The three years HEPP training programme

The specialized training programme is based on four pillars:

  1. Lectures out of the range of universities‘ offers
  2. Lecture blocks given by invited visiting professors andSummer Schools
  3. The yearly HEPP Colloquium
  4. Seminars (bi-weekly, mandatory)

While the participation in the bi-weekly seminar and the yearly colloquium (pillars 3-4) is mandatory for all students, the selection of lectures (pillars 1-2) out of the broad range of universities‘ offers is within the responsibility of the respective student (usually in agreement with the supervisor) and is based on the individual background.

The only indication is that in the frame of the regular PhD research phase (three years) different courses with a total volume of at least 6 weekly lecture hours (SWS) have to be attended.

The following picture explains this concept: Whereas student #1 has only a minor backgound in plasma physics and puts main activities on introductory events, student #2 already went through such a basic education and is interested in e.g. astrophysical aspects of plasma physics.

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