Plasma turbulence and turbulent transport

Turbulence research is a cross-topic where fundamental mechanisms of turbulence and quasi-coherent
modes and their impact on transport are studied.

Turbulent processes are the main cause for the particle and energy losses observed in fusion plasmas. The group investigates the fundamental mechanisms of turbulence and their dependence on plasma parameters. As main diagnostics, microwave reflectometers are employed to measure density fluctuations, mean profiles and flows from the scrape-off layer to the plasma core. For data interpretation, particular emphasis is given to comparisons with advanced turbulence simulation codes.

Main research topics are:

  • Relation between turbulent properties and global transport and confinement in fusion plasmas.
    • Driving instabilities and micro-structure of turbulence in the plasma core and comparison with simulations from gyro-kinetic codes.
    • Interaction between micro-turbulence and shear background and zonal flows and their role in the development of transport barriers.
    • Structure of geodesic-acoustic modes and their influence on global confinement properties.
    • Poloidal asymmetries in structure and appearance of turbulent fluctuations.
    • Interpretation of microwave measurements by means of full-wave simulations.
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