Device Operation

The group plans and coordinates the technical operation of Wendelstein 7-X. It is also responsible for general machine safety, defines the requirements for the central Safety System and central operation management and plans and executes the validation of these systems.  The group is also responsible for planning and coordinating all plasma vessel conditioning activities. Last but not least, configuration management and documentation are also tasks within this group in support of operating W7-X.

Divertor Technology

The group is responsible for the W7-X divertor systems and their observational diagnostics, i.e. the divertor thermography and video diagnostics. In addition to maintaining and monitoring these systems, the group is developing new technology for a future tungsten-based divertor and expanding the divertor thermography with new continuous-wave endoscopes.

Magnets and Cryogenic systems

The group operates the heart of W7-X, the superconducting magnet system, and the normal conducting magnet systems of the trim and control coils. Additionally, the supply of liquid nitrogen and the operation of the helium refrigerator plant for supplying the cryostat components and the cryo vacuum pumps are the responsibility of the group.

Vacuum Engineering

Core task is the operation of the vacuum systems at W7-X including their maintenance, repair and continuous updates of the systems. The second main task is the supply of the experiment with operation, diagnostics and gases used for conditioning of the plasma vessel by cleaning and coating discharges.

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