ESF Exploratory Workshop

Program, Abstracts

Objectives, Agenda and Preliminary Programme (.pdf)


Camenen, Yann
Modern challenges in the gyrokinetic modeling of turbulent transport in tokamak plasmas

Cardinali, Alessando
Asymptotic analysis of the Whistler waves propagation in space plasma thrusters

Després, Bruno
Development of a stable coupling of the Yee scheme with a linear current

Fable, Emiliano
Numerical treatment of stiff transport in the ASTRA code

Fülöp, Tünde
Kinetic instabilities driven by runaway electrons

Lafitte, Olivier
Generalized model solutions for electromagnetic waves in overdense plasmas with electron collisions

Leerink, Susan
The role of global gyrokinetic simulations in multi-scale transport modeling

Negulescu, Claudia
Asymptotic-Preserving schemes for an efficient resolution of anisotropic elliptic and parabolic equations

Runborg, Olof
Gaussian Beam Approximations of High Frequency Waves

Schubert, Roman
What is the semiclassical limit of non-Hermitian time evolution

Tanner, Gregor
Discrete Flow Mapping - a mesh based simulation tool for high-frequency vibro-acoustics of complex engineering structures

Tronko, Natalia
Weak turbulence in two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics

Tronko, Natalia
Exact conservation laws for full and truncated gyrokinetic Vlasov-Poisson equations

Vignal, Marie-Hélène
Asymptotic preserving methods for the BGK-Vlasov-Poisson system in the quasi-neutral and fluid limits

Voitsekhovitch, Irina
Transport codes for magnetic fusion : ASTRA (overview of applications)

Westerhof, Egbert
Modeling of Electron Cyclotron Current Drive applied for the suppression of magnetic islands in tokamaks


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