High Efficiency XUV Overview Spectrometer

The High Efficiency XUV Overview Spectrometer (HEXOS) measures the vacuum UV radiation of plasma impurities over a wide wavelength range. The two double spectrometers cover the intense resonance lines of Mg-like, Na-like, Be-like and Li-like ions of all elements up to Z=42, while also reaching the quasi-continua of high-Z metals, esp. W around 5-6 nm. With an acquisition rate of 1.000 full spectra/s , HEXOS is capable of reliably identifying all relevant plasma impurities and their dynamics, while providing a basis for the determination of impurity concentrations.
The HEXOS system observes intrinsic impurities (typ. C, O; expected after boronization: B), impurities injected by enhanced (and potentially destructive) plasma-wall interaction (typ. Fe, Cu, Mn, F, S), and impurities from dedicated injections by the laser blow-off (QSL) and TESPEL (QSH) systems.

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