Pulse Height Analysis

The pulse height analysis (PHA) diagnostic measures the energy spectrum of soft-X ray radiation emitted from the plasma along 3 lines-of-sight. The diagnostic is dedicated to identify plasma impurities, estimate Te and Zeff and to study suprathermal electrons (if present). The PHA system consists of 3 channels equipped with Silicon Drift Detectors for measuring spectra in the energy ranges:
(for data during OP1.1): 1- 20keV (Detector 1), 0.8-20 keV (Detector 2) and 0.25-20keV (Detector 3)
(for data during OP1.2a): 2- 15keV (Detector 1), 1-20 keV (Detector 2) and 0.25-5keV (Detector 3)

Beryllium filters (3 possibility for each channel) as well as settings of the Multi-Channel Analyzer (bin width and numbers of channels) can be selected to optimize the energy range. Slits of a given size (up to 1.2mm) are chosen to optimize the input count rate.

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