MST1 Task Force Meeting

MST1 Task Force Meeting

  • Datum: 30.09.2019
  • Uhrzeit: 14:00
  • Vortragende: G. Pautasso / E. Macusova / G. Harrer
  • Ort: Garching
  • Raum: Seminarraum L6, 2.Stock Süd

14:00: B. Labit: Task Force News

14:05: G. Pautasso: Generation and dissipation of runaway electrons in ASDEX Upgrade experiments (paper review)

14:35: E. Macusova: The impact of resonant magnetic perturbations on the runaway electron dynamics - EFTC rehearsal (30'+10')

15:15: G. Harrer: On the effect of heating and fuelling on small ELM regimes - H-mode workshop rehearsal

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