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Labit, B.; Pochelon, A.; Rancic, M.; Piras, F.; Bencze, A.; Bottino, A.; Brunner, S.; Camenen, Y.; Chattopdhyay, P. K.; Coda, S. et al.; Fable, E.; Goodman, T. P.; Jolliet, S.; Marinoni, A.; Porte, L.; McMillan, B. F.; Medvedev, S. Y.; Sauter, O.; Udintsev, V. S.; Villard, L.; TCV Team: Transport and Turbulence with Innovative Plasma Shapes in the TCV Tokamak. 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Daejeon (2010)
McMillan, B. F.; Vernay, T.; Bottino, A.; Jolliet, S.; Villard, L.: Effects of toroidal and poloidal shear flow in global gyrokinetic simulations. 37th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Dublin (2010)
Jolliet, S.; McMillan, B. F.; Tran, T. M.; Lapillonne, X.; Villard, L.; Bottino, A.; Angelino, P.: Global Nonlinear Simulations Ion and Electron Turbulence Using a Particle-In-Cell Approach. 22nd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Geneva (2008)
Scott, B. D.; Bottino, A.; Hatzky, R.; Jolliet, S.; Kendl, A.; McMillan, B. F.; Reiser, D.; Ribeiro, T.: Global electromagnetic gyrofluid/gyrokinetic computation of turbulence and self consistent rotation in large tokamaks. 22nd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Geneva (2008)
Angelino, P.; Garbet, X.; Villard, X.; Bottino, A.; Jolliet, S.; Ghendrih, P.; Grandgirard, V.; McMillan, B. F.; Sarazin, Y.; Dif-Pradalier, G. et al.; Tran, T. M.: Effects of plasma current and elongation on drift wave-zonal flow turbulence. 35th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Hersonissos, Crete (2008)
McMillan, B. F.; Jolliet, S.; Tran, T. M.; Bottino, A.; Angelino, P.; Villard, L.: Avalanche-like bursts in global gyrokinetic simulations. 35th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Hersonissos, Crete (2008)
Vermare, L.; Angioni, C.; Bottino, A.; Peeters, A. G.; ASDEX Upgrade Team: β dependence of micro-instabilities using linear gyrokinetic simulations. 11th IAEA TM on H-mode Physics and Transport Barriers, Tsukuba (2007)
Fable, E.; Angioni, C.; Bottino, A.; Brunner, S.; Dannert, T.; Jenko, F.; Sauter, O.: The role of electron-driven microinstabilities in particle transport observed during electron Internal Transport Barriers. 34th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Warsaw (2007)

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Camenen, Y.; Pochelon, A.; Bottino, A.; Coda, S.; Ryter, F.; Sauter, O.; Behn, R.; Goodman, T. P.; Henderson, M. A.; Karpushov, A. et al.; Porte, L.; Zhuang, G.: Electron Heat transport in shaped TCV L-mode plasmas. CRPP, Lausanne (2005), 21 S.
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