Publications of G. Prausner

Journal Article (1)

Journal Article
Andelfinger, C.; Buchelt, E.; Cierpka, P.; Kollotzek, H.; Lang, P. T.; Lang, R. S.; Prausner, G.; Söldner, F. X.; Ulrich, M.; Weber, G.: A new centrifuge pellet injector for fusion experiments. Review of Scientific Instruments 64 (4), pp. 983 - 989 (1993)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Pautasso, G.; Fuchs, C. J.; Gruber, O.; Gude, A.; Igochine, V.; Mark, K.; Rohde, V.; Beck, M.; Cierpka, P.; Prausner, G. et al.; Wittmann, C.; ASDEX Upgrade Team; Linz, C.; Simon, J.; Weiser, J.; Galazky, V.: Recent results on disruptions mitigation with a new fast valve. In: 34th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics. Contributed Papers, P-5.151. 34th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Warsaw, July 02, 2007 - July 06, 2007. European Physical Society, Geneva (2007)

Talk (1)

Maraschek, M.; Pautasso, G.; Esposito, B.; Granucci, G.; Stober, J.; Treutterer, W.; Beck, M.; Prausner, G.; ASDEX Upgrade Team: Disruption mitigation and avoidance in ASDEX Upgrade. 51st Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics, Atlanta, GA (2009)

Report (1)

Lang, P. T.; Andelfinger, C.; Beck, W.; Buchelt, E.; Büchl, K.; Cierpka, P.; Kollotzek, H.; Lang, R. S.; Prausner, G.; Söldner, F. X. et al.; Ulrich, M.; Weber, G.: The new centrifuge high-speed pellet injector for ASDEX Upgrade. Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik, Garching(DE) (1993), 27 pp.
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