Publikationen von V. Bandaru

Vortrag (8)

Bandaru, V.; Hoelzl, M.; Artola, F. J.; Papp, G.; Huijsmans, G. T. A.: Numerical study of the non-linear interaction of runaway electrons and MHD during cold VDEs and in stochastic fields. 61st Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, Fort Lauderdale, FL (eingereicht)
Bandaru, V.; Hölzl, M.; Papp, G.; Aleynikov, P.; Huijsmans, G.T.A.: Implementation of a model for the non-linear interaction between runaway electrons and background plasma. 17th European Fusion Theory Conference (EFTC 2017), Athens (eingereicht)

Poster (2)

Bandaru, V. K.; Hölzl, M.; Papp, G.; Aleynikov, P.; Huijsmans, G. T. A.; Artola, F. J.: Nonlinear Interaction of Runaway Electrons with Resistive MHD Modes in an ITER VDE. 27th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (FEC 2018), Gandhinagar (eingereicht)
Meshcheriakov, D.; Hoelzl, M.; Igochine, V.; Fietz, S.; Bandaru, V.; Orain, F.; Günter, S.; Zohm, H.; ASDEX Upgrade Team, Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Max Planck Society; MST1 Team: Tearing mode seeding by externally provided resonant magnetic perturbations in the presence of Neoclassical Toroidal Viscosity. 45th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Prague (eingereicht)
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