Publikationen von X. Zhang

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Qin, C.; Zhang, X.; Zhao, Y.; Wan, B.; Gong, X.; Mao, Y.; Yuan, S.; Xue, D.; Wang, L.; Ju, S. et al.; Chen, Y.; Wang, H.; Lin, Y.; Qian, J.; Hu, L.; Li, J.; Song, Y.; Wukitch, S.; Noterdaeme, J. M.; Kumazawa, R.; Seki, T.; Satio, K.; Kashara, H.: Recent Results from Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating Experiments in HT-7 and EAST Tokamak. 24th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, San Diego, CA (2012)
Braams, B.; Chen, C.; Huang, X.; Jin, Z.; Xie, Z.; Zhang, X.; Bowman, J.; Sharma, A.; Schneider, R.: Development of global potential energy surfaces for hydrocarbons up to C2H5+. 231st American Chemical Society National Meeting, Atlanta, GA (2006)
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