Publikationen von S. Jahn

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Adelhelm, C.; Pickert, T.; Koch, F.; Balden, M.; Jahn, S.; Rinke, M.; Maier, H.: Influence of deposition temperature and bias voltage on the crystalline phase of Er2O3 thin films deposited by filtered cathodic arc. Journal of Nuclear Materials 417 (1-3), S. 798 - 801 (2011)

Poster (1)

Adelhelm, C.; Pickert, T.; Rasinski, M.; Balden, M.; Koch, F.; Ertl, K.; Maier, H.; Jahn, S.; Rinke, M.: Preparation and characterization of Er2O3 coatings for fusion applications. 14th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials (ICFRM-14), Sapporo (2009)
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