Publikationen von D. Yordanov

Zeitschriftenartikel (3)

Fantz, U.; Briefi, S.; Fröschle, M.; Harder, N. d.; Heiler, A.; Heinemann, B.; Hurlbatt, A.; Hopf, C.; Lindqvist, M.; Merk, F. et al.; Mimo, A.; Nocentini, R.; Orozco, G.; Riedl, R.; Starnella, G.; Wimmer, C.; Wünderlich, D.; Yordanov, D.; Zielke, D.: Ion source developments at IPP: On the road towards achieving the ITER-NBI targets and preparing concepts for DEMO. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2244, 012049 (2022)
Yordanov, D.; Wünderlich, D.; Wimmer, C.; Fantz, U.: On the effect of biased surfaces in the vicinity of the large extraction area of the ELISE test facility. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2244, 012050 (2022)
Wünderlich, D.; Wimmer, C.; Riedl, R.; Bonomo, F.; Fröschle, M.; Mario, I.; Mimo, A.; Yordanov, D.; Fantz, U.; Heinemann, B.: NNBI for ITER: status of long pulses in deuterium at the test facilities BATMAN Upgrade and ELISE. Nuclear Fusion 61, 096023 (2021)

Vortrag (2)

Fantz, U.; Wünderlich, D.; Wimmer, C.; Briefi, S.; Friedl, R.; Heiler, A.; Berner, J.; Lindqvist, M.; Merk, F.; Mimo, A. et al.; Yordanov, D.: Electronegative hydrogen plasmas: production, diagnostics and application. 25th Europhysics Conference on the Atomic and Molecular Physics of Ionized Gases (ESCAMPIG 2022), Paris (eingereicht)
Wünderlich, D.; Yordanov, D.; Riedl, R.; Mimo, A.; Heinemann, B.; Fantz, U.: ELISE by investigating improved operational scenarios. 8th International Symposium on Negative Ions, Beams and Sources (NIBS 2022), Padova, Virtual (eingereicht)

Poster (1)

Yordanov, D.; Wünderlich, D.; Wimmer, C.; Fantz, U.: On the Effect of Biased Surfaces in the Vicinity of the Extraction Area at the Large RF Driven Negative Ion Source at the ELISE Test Facility. 19th International Conference on Ion Sources (ICIS 2021), Virtual (eingereicht)
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