Lineare und nichtlineare Wellen in einem Doppelplasma-Experiment

Experiment No. 88 – Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum der Technischen Universität München am Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik

A double plasma device consists of two plasma volumes, electrically separated by a conducting grid and biased to different plasma potentials. By manipulating the potential difference, a controlled plasma flow from one volume into the other can be generated. With the help of a harmonically modulated potential difference, plasma waves can be excited. Using different modulation frequencies allows measuring the wave's dispersion relation and by increasing the amplitude a continuous transition from a linear wave to a non-linear behavior can be studied including wave steepening and solitons.

The experiment gives the student an excellent insight in some characteristic plasma properties and experimental techniques. The study carried out on the plasma wave is exemplary for wave physics in general and for non-linear effects in wave propagation.

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