Publikationen von A. Hecimovic

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Hecimovic, A.; Carbone, E.; Willems, G.; Sgonina, K.; Benedikt, J.: Ionic composition of the spatial afterglow of an atmospheric pressure He/CO2 plasma jet by mass spectrometry. 33rd International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases (ICPIG 2017), Lisbon (eingereicht)
Hecimovic, A.; D'Isa, F.; Carbone, E.; Gaiser, S.; Schulz, A.; Walker, M.; Fantz, U.: Spectroscopic analysis of a CO2 plasma discharge. 21st International Colloquium on Plasma Processes (CIP) and the 5th Magnetron Ion Processing & Arc Technologies European Conference (MIATEC), Vienna (eingereicht)
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