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Franzen, P.; Fantz, U.; Kraus, W.; Berger, M.; Christ-Koch, S.; Fröschle, M.; Heinemann, B.; Maisberger, F.; Martens, C.; McNeely, P. et al.; Riedl, R.; Speth, E.; Wünderlich, D.; Zacharias, T.: Homogeneity and long pulse operation of the IPP RF sources for the ITER NBI system. 34th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Warsaw (2007)
Wünderlich, D.; Gutser, R.; Fantz, U.; Berger, M.; Christ-Koch, S.; Falter, H. D.; Franzen, P.; Fröschle, M.; Heinemann, B.; Kraus, W. et al.; Martens, C.; McNeely, P.; Riedl, R.; Speth, E.: Modeling of a negative ion RF source for ITER NBI. 34th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Warsaw (2007)
Franzen, P.; Falter, H.-D.; Fantz, U.; Kraus, W.; Speth, E.; Berger, M.; Christ, S.; Fröschle, M.; Gutser, R.; Heinemann, B. et al.; Hilbert, S.; Leyer, S.; Martens, C.; McNeely, P.; Riedl, R.; Wünderlich, D.: Status of the IPP RF negative ion source development for the ITER NBI system. 24th Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT 2006), Warsaw (2006)
Fröschle, M.; Leyer, S.; Franzen, P.; Martens, C.; Speth, E.; Heinemann, B.; Falter, H. D.; Fantz, U.; Kraus, W.; Riedl, R.: Technical Overview and First Results of the Half-Size ITER NNBI Source. 24th Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT 2006), Warsaw (2006)
Heinemann, B.; Gasparotto, M.; Damiani, C.; Fröschle, M.; Giesen, B.; Holtum, D.; Junghanns, P.; Koch, F.; Lindig, S.; Lingertat, J. et al.; Mendelevitch, B.; Panin, A.; Riedl, R.: Design of Narrow Support Elements for Non Planar Coils of Wendelstein 7-X. 21st IEEE/NPSS Symposium on Fusion Engineering (SOFE), Knoxville,TN (2005)

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Franzen, P.; Sielanko, J.; De Esch, H. P. L.; Speth, E.; Heinemann, B.; Riedl, R.: Design Studies for an Alternative Magnetic Residual Ion Removal System for the ITER Neutral Beam Injection System. Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik, Garching (2003), 29 S.
Bosch, H.-S.; Franzen, P.; Gruber, O.; Günter, S.; Heinemann, B.; Kaufmann, M.; Lackner, K.; Neuhauser, J.; Pereverzev, G.; Riedl, R. et al.; Sihler, C.; Speth, E.; Stäbler, A.; Streibl, B.; Vollmer, O.; Wolf, R.: Extension of the ASDEX Upgrade programme: Tangential Neutral Beam Injection (TNBI) and Reactive Power Compensation (RPC) Application for Preferential Support, Phase I und II. Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik, Garching (DE) (1998), 58 S.
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